Oxytocin Drug Rehab – The Process and the Goals

The Oxytocin drug rehab program at Passages Malibu uses a sophisticated model of treatment that allows the client to experience support and care. Our approach allows us to offer evolving treatment plans to the client so they may receive treatment according to their present state. The reason for this ever-changing approach is to throw away the rigid boundaries of single obsolete plans.

Evolving Plans and Personal Staffing

Each client under our care is given a private team of medical staff members, these members constantly monitor the stats of the client’s recovery. As the client recovers, this team holds meetings each week and introduces a new plan that would be best suited for the client’s pace of recovery. Moreover, this team also offers complete support and attention to the client, we believe that the undivided attention of medical members of the staff is necessary for the client to feel encouraged.

Unlike the convention programs that divide one counselor to dozens of clients in group meetings, we offer personal staff members to take care of the support and counseling needs. The client is given individualize counseling where they can discuss their issues in a confidential member with their counselor. It allows them to gradually open up to their team of professional medical staff members, who modify the plan as the client takes a step closer to their goals.

Embrace a Natural and Holistic Lifestyle

Your journey begins upon arrival in our facility, we do not condemn clients to their quarters and force them to follow a sober lifestyle. Rather, we gently encourage the client to embrace a better form of life by making it accessible to them. As the client realizes the extent of herbal and holistic therapies available at our facility, they become habitually involved in each and every one of them, thus making them closer to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Passages Malibu not only offers a natural and holistic lifestyle at the facility, but it also ensures that the clients receive luxury care. Each client is given private suites that are fully furnished to accommodate their needs. The suites offer a grand view of the Pacific ocean and bring fresh air into the rooms. The atmosphere of the rehab is carefully crafted to hold a luxury spa-like environment, where the client can relax and get treated for their addiction.

Therapeutic Approach for OxyContin Drug Rehab Program

The approach for Oxytocin drug rehab program at Passages Malibu uses a complex mix of herbal and holistic treatments. These treatments are designed to offer support to the client, we in no way or shape intend to mold the client to suit a stereotype. Our unique philosophy allows the clients to grow as a person, one that is distinct and special.

Some of the therapeutic services offered at our facility are hypnotherapy, marriage counseling psychotherapy, acupuncture, massage, adventure therapy, art therapy, and many others of the like. To learn more about our treatment approach, please call us at 855-716-7397, we are always happy to answer any queries related to our services.

Secure Your Sober Future at Passages Malibu

Be it your family member or you, our rehab can provide compassionate and supportive care through our specialized drug rehab program. Our aim is to help you get rid of the addictive habits by dealing with the underlying issues aiding its growth. We aim to deal with these issues, so the client develops a healthier lifestyle and become sober during the experience. To become a part of our unique Oxytocin drug rehab program, call us at 855-716-7397. Our admissions office is always open to answer any of your queries regarding the plans available for your addiction.