What Drives the Philosophy Behind Passages Malibu?

Passages Malibu gives a lot of importance to its philosophy of treatment, it is the drive behind each of programs that are personalized to suit the individual needs of the client. Our aim is to step away from the traditional form of treatment and offer a better alternative to clients. This alternative left behind the toxic mentality of the traditional system of treatments.

Unlike traditional treatments, we do not stereotype individuals into groups, nor do we call them addicts. Each individual has a unique identity, which is used to prepare their individualized treatment programs. Our aim is to help the clients with their addictions issues without disrespecting them. Our philosophy holds respect and dignity of the client in high regards, which the traditional form of treatments lack.

Many of the conventional methods approach addiction as a disease, while the individual struggling with addiction is treated as something less of a human being. Under such an environment, the individual loses hope at being normal and considers themselves ill. This can potentially harm their mental health as well as their physical wellbeing.

The personalized treatments at Passages Malibu avoid all circumstances that could make the client feel alienated. Each client is given treatments for the issues causing addictive behavior, not addiction itself because it is not the cause; rather it is an effect of other underlying issues. We aim to heal the client through our comprehensive, holistic programs, which provide the best support services to heal the mind, body, and spirit of the client.

Luxury Support Services: Diligence and Vigilance at its Finest

Our OxyContin drug rehab treatment, like many of our other treatments, offers diligent support and compassionate care to the clients. Clients with OxyContin need 24/7 support and encouragement, which is why our motto for this program is to offer persistence and careful support during hard times. The professional team of medical staff members that are assigned to your care work thoroughly on your program to update and modify to help you utilize your strengths.

We believe that by proper care and compassion, individuals can habitually become sober and healthier. Moreover, each client is given a private suite where they can relax and meditate on their own about their own life choices. Unlike traditional rehab programs, we do not hover over our clients and give them space to start their own journey. By enforcing new rules and regulations on a client that has been addicted for a while can cause them to feel claustrophobic, which in turn will make them harbor resentment over the act of recovery itself.

Personalized Holistic Therapy and Herbal Remedies

The philosophy at Passages Malibu takes root in the alternative form of treatments. We believe that natural remedies perform better than prescription drugs that cause even more side effects in the individual. For Example, the medical approach of therapy does little or no good to the body as it only temporarily tones down the withdrawal symptoms, it leaves the mind of the client open weak and dejected. The clients that receive this treatment do not grow, nor do they learn to become sober, rather they are given more drugs to remove addictive habits of other drugs.

Our holistic approach to treatment uses natural methods of relaxation and counseling. We aim to provide support and care in a natural way so that the clients can heal by themselves. It allows them to gradually become sober without making them dependent on other chemical substances. At our facility, we offer a safe road towards recovery that also provides personalized luxury care on the way. The holistic approach encourages the clients to find their own way and their own identity without being overly obtrusive.

Luxury Recovery That You Deserve

Passages Malibu offers the finest luxuries and a caring environment for individuals struggling with addiction. We understand the issues related to addiction, which is why each of our recovery program such as OxyContin drug rehab program is carefully designed to deal with specified addiction issues.

We offer a personalized service that aims to provide a safe and supportive environment, where you can relax and are treated in the best way possible. Call us at 855-716-7397 to get more information about our philosophy of work, we will answer all your queries in a private and confidential manner.