The Origins of Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu has a memorable history that attributes various qualities into its backbone and foundation. It was established by the efforts of Chris and Pax Prentiss, who also knew the struggles of addiction and standing at a stalemate with convention form of treatments. Before Passages came to be, Pax Prentiss was addicted to various drugs such as heroin, alcohol, and other prescription drugs. His addiction had gotten so bad that he had pushed away all his friends and seeking confinement in his home.

His family was also shunned away due to his bad habits that continued to ruin each relation he had. When Pax was left with all but nothing, he realized that something had to change. Otherwise, he would do something even more drastic. On his last ropes, Pax contacted his father, Chris Prentiss. Chris had realized the severity of his son’s state and encouraged him to join the traditional substance abuse recovery programs. These treatments offered temporary relief to Pax, after which he would relapse into his old ways.

The conventional programs had atrophied his sense of self and value, he felt ostracized during the rehabilitation. When Pax showed weakness in the group meetings, he was met with pity and at times, disrespectful comments from other peer members. Pax felt that he was bound in a state of exile, he neither fitted as a recovering “addict” nor was he called sober under their care. He felt humiliated during the treatment and relapse into his old ways once it was over.

Chris, upon the discovery of his son’s relapse, had realized that these expensive conventional programs could not help his son.  He searched for other modes of recovery and stumbled across several alternatives for western and eastern holistic treatments. He implored Chris to follow this new regime under the support and care of his family. Once Chris followed this holistic approach to addiction treatment, he found out that the relaxing lifestyle encouraged by this approach worked well to curb his addictive tendencies.

The success of this approach brought heartened sense of joy in both father and son, they wanted to help others receive the same treatment so they can lead healthier lives. After searching for a relaxing location for years, Pax and Chris Prentiss built Passages near the serene beaches of Malibu. They designed the facility to bring comfort in a luxury environment, while the clients received the best of support through their holistic approach for substance abuse treatment.

Now, even you can receive their integrated model of treatment through their OxyContin drug program to receive luxury rehab for OxyContin addiction. To find out more about the options of recovery through the OxyContin drug rehab program, call us at 855-716-7397, we provide all information regarding our programs in a discreet and confidential manner.