OxyContin Drug Rehab at Passages Malibu

Being one of the most widely used painkillers since 1995, OxyContin has become largely common among the masses. It is frequently used for mild to severe injuries and can be easily found among the common folk. It has various active ingredients that are derived from Opium that make highly addictive; it can offer a rush of relief from pain and cause a temporary high. For many individuals, Oxycodone has become a good alternative to heroin, which is an illegal drug and is hard to find.

Individuals that are prescribed to this drug are a risk at becoming addicted to it. However, some people may become addicted to it just from recreational use. Our OxyContin drug rehab program is designed to help both dependent and addicted individuals through a comprehensive and unique approach to therapy. We have done thorough research on the side effects of increased dosage of OxyContin; it makes a person addicted and unhealthy. A person addicted to OxyContin will experience weakness, dizziness, vomiting, nausea apathy, fatigue, and confusion.

The integrated approach of therapy and support offers complete care and comfort to the client to curb any symptoms associated with this addiction. Passages Malibu aims to provide the best of luxury care to the client, we use professional holistic methods of therapy to help the clients. Through the combination of our luxury environment and holistic therapy, the client can achieve a sober lifestyle with ease.

Our aim is to make sure that the client becomes whole and healthy under our care, we do not push them or ostracize them because of their OxyContin addiction. Our philosophy uses a healthier approach, which encourages the client to overcome their issues with their own strengths.

Personalized Detox and Luxury Care

Drugs like OxyContin affect each individual differently, some may genuinely use it for their chronic pain, while others might use it for recreational use. Due to this reason, we assign each client with a team of professional medical and physical staff members, which will monitor and diagnose the client to provide effective treatment. The OxyContin drug rehab program at Passages Malibu gives great importance to the client’s welfare during the detox session as may experience various withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the symptoms that might develop during this addiction are tremors, anxiety, cramps, muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, irregular heartbeat, and seizures. It is important you have 24/7 care and support during the detox session of OxyContin due to the associated symptoms. Passages Malibu offers the luxury care and support at all times so that the client can smoothly transition out of their withdrawal phase.

Holistic Approach during OxyContin Drug Rehab

The holistic approach of treatment at Passages Malibu has been specifically designed to offer a non-conventional form of counseling. It uses natural techniques of relaxation to help the client be at peace during the rehab. The holistic therapy also provides various forms of counsel that encourage the client to find their own path towards recovery. Some of the natural relation techniques we use during the treatment are massage, acupuncture, physical training, adventure therapy and many others of the like.

Many other forms of holistic counseling services are also used to help the client deal with personal and impersonal matters that might be influencing their decision-making skills. You can learn more about our unique luxury care approach by calling us at 855-716-7397. Our admissions center provides specialized and confidential offers just for your affliction.

The Foundation of Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu would not have come into existence if it were not for the co-founders Pax and Chris Prentiss. They built the foundation, backbone, and the structure of our luxury facility because they care about people that could not find solace through traditional substance abuse treatment programs. Pax himself was addicted to various drugs, he had lost hope to become sober again.

Chris, Pax’s father, encouraged him to admit himself into the traditional substance abuse treatment plans. However, no matter the price or the environment of the conventional programs, they could not help Pax recover his sober lifestyle. Upon realizing the huge failure of these substance abuse programs, Chris researched alternative modes of treatment.

During his research, he found various forms of alternative and natural form of treatment for addiction in the western and the eastern world. These methods seemed supportive and natural, so he persuaded Pax to follow through the holistic approach of treatment. Thankfully, these treatments not only made Pax a sober person, but they also invigorated his lifestyle and his social life.

This discovery of an unconventional and alternative method of treating addiction led Chris and Pax Prentiss to establish Passages Malibu. It embodied the struggle and the success of Pax’s treatment; moreover, it also laid down the foundation of a luxury rehab facility that used natural remedies to encourage the client towards better health. We hope to help every individual with addiction issues through our unique programs, call us at 855-716-7397 to get more information about treatments available for OxyContin, heroin, or any other addiction.